Who Invented ‘Sorry My House Is Such A Mess’?

I never know how to respond to that statement. If I say ‘that’s OK’, it’s like I’m acknowledging ‘yes, this place is a shithole, but I’ll survive‘. If I say ‘It’s fine’ my host says something like ‘noooo, it’s a landfill!’ and we waste 7 minutes on an argument neither of us wants to win.

Personally, my apartment is a shithole because I’m a fucking slob. My friends all know this, and those that didn’t, well now they do. I don’t apologize for my hair being messed up or smelling feloniously unshowered in the middle of the week either.

I still find myself resisting the temptation to say something when people come to my house, though. Western society needs to some up with some other catechism to utter when hosting guests. I suggest ‘this is how I live, son!’

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One response to “Who Invented ‘Sorry My House Is Such A Mess’?

  1. I always assure them, ‘Houses are meant to be lived in.’ It doesn’t require an admission that their house is a mess, and it doesn’t usually cause an argument.