Yugo First

I had never been to Macedonia before, so after Albania, I popped over to Lake Ohrid for the day.

It's the deepest--and coldest--lake in the Balkans, so I never actually swam. I spent most of my time taking pictures of it.

And yeah feeling pretty park-benchy taking this, but the kid's dad said it was OK.

I still couldn't walk, so I biked up and down the lakeshore for 15 or 20 kilometers

Based on my limited experience, I've concluded that Macedonia is just like Switzerland, only interesting.

I mean, look at this shit! I'm barely trying, and it still looks like a fucking pre-installed Windows desktop

Alright, these are getting boring now.

Yep, once I start pretending I know what I'm doing with my camera, you know it's getting repetitive.

Jesus, this one's even worse. I was on my balcony watching the sunset and listening to a podcast. I had to do something with my hands, and my camera was the nearest victim.

Please. This is just too fucking easy now.

OK, this one looks the same, but it's actually 5.45 the next morning. I got up for the sunrise! Me and the fishermen were the only people to see this.

Finally, a photo without the lake in it. Geez.

Nope, there it is again.

Why am I standing next to a pitchfork?!

I was excited at the time about the sun finally clearing the mountains, but here it just looks Photoshopped.

People live in this country! Oh huh.

Macedonians are Orthodox right? Orthodox muslims? Wait.

This isn't a great photo, but I took this from a moving car, and I'm hella self-proud of timing it right with the sun.

OK, this one's obviously out the bus window. But there were lots of cute abandoned buildings out there.

Sigh. Meanwhile, back at the lake.

Aw shit, he went macro on that ass. I think I was just excited to have found some genuine flora. Everything else was basically just scrub.

The bike ride back. I'm obviously counting down to leaving now.

It's still riding off into the sunset if you're on a rented girls' bike, right?

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  1. Wow! More great photos. “like Switzerland, only interesting.” Love it!