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Two-Thirds of Employers Have Rejected a Candidate Due to Facebook

This chart is fucking chilling:

What does ‘demonstrated poor communication skills’ mean in reference to your Facebook page, exactly? And have 9% of employers really rejected candidates because they drink? Drinking is not only perfectly legal, but basically universal in Western societies. Do companies only want to hire teetotalers?

It’s understandable, of course, that employers want to find out all the information they can about prospective employees. And there’s no feasible way to prevent employers from looking at publicly-available information on candidates. I’m more concerned about the snobbishness displayed in these categories.

Just because somebody drinks on weekends or posts animated GIFs on weekdays doesn’t mean they’re incapable of being productive, professional employees. Feeling like our personal opinions and evening activities are being monitored by future employers just gives us another disincentive us from being ourselves in public.

We can’t stop employers from judging job candidates on their social media content. But we can ask them to use the right criteria.


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