Oh the Germanity

Germany doesn't have a War On Christmas like the US

so most of Berlin's historical sites get converted into Christmas Markets during the month of December.

I have been to two such markets, for about 45 minutes each

And have firmly concluded that they are simply an excuse

for Germans to drink hot wine and shop in the dark.

I've hated the Christmas season literally as long as I can remember.

Being in a foreign country makes it slightly more bearable

since everything is interesting for a period of time before it's exasperating.

I guess if I was straight I would have less trouble seeing the purpose of this genre of human activity.

My wife could poke around the brightly lit stalls

While I stood slightly out of 'honey, look at this!' range

smoking a cigarette and thinking about whittling or whatever.

The me that exists, though, mostly made snide comments about the food looking like it should be served out of a trough to Supermax inmates.

And was shocked at how impressed I was by objectively unimpressive things like Christmas lights in festive shapes

I think two Christmas markets was enough.

I didn't buy any trinkets, drink any hot wine or eat any yuletide slop.

I just took pictures, waiting for the interesting to wear off.


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2 responses to “Oh the Germanity

  1. Dirk

    Try the prison food you took a picture of, it is damn good! 🙂 The straight Mike christmas market experience you imagined about accurately describes my experience.

  2. Qualtinger

    Don´t blame this mess on sexual orientation. Im straight and I hate those markets, as I hate christmas season in general.
    Why people like to stand around in the cold, freezing their toes off while burning their lips with hot wine I will never understand.