Literary Playlist: ‘The Ride Down is Likely to be Unhurried’

Jon Krakauer’s meditation on futility just cements my impression—firmly in my 30s now—that the key to happiness is defining life through a series of arbitrary goals, then achieving them.

In gayness: The fact that the dudes charged with sodomy in Lawrence v. Texas weren’t dating or even sleeping together renders the judgement more, not less, essential. Also, it’s probably not a great idea to charge an individual with another individual’s suicide.

It’s depressing to realize that an idea you disagree with has objectively won.

Is anything on NPR true?!

Buying the correct stuff is probably not a robust recipe for saving the world.

Try to read this article and not spend at least 15 minutes afterward ruminating on the difference between ‘immoral’ and ‘amoral’.

It’s funny how telling a story from start to finish will inevitably give you sympathy for its protagonists, even sleazeball online poker managers.

Internet videos of people saying stupid-slash-infuriating things are generally worth less than you paid for them.

How do we not marvel every single day at the ability of capitalism to turn the things which are killing us into business opportunities?

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