Is organic Nutella better for you?


Everyone knows Nutella has basically he same nutritional profile as cake frosting, and that you should eat it about as often.


Yesterday in the store I saw something called ‘Bionella’ — Organic Nutella. Look how healthy it looks! Green stripes everywhere, two certification stickers, even the font looks humble and nourishing.


Ingredients! OK, this is in German so that’s annoying, but the gist is, Nutella is 13% hazelnuts. The other 87 percent is basically sugar and fat. ‘Reduced fat cocoa’ and ‘skim milk powder’ are both more than half sugar, and there’s not even that much of them in here. By contrast, even the Acme peanut butter you buy at the dollar store is at least 87% peanuts.


So how’s Bionella compare? It’s … 14% hazelnuts! And has exactly the same ingredients as the non-organic Nutella!


As you would expect from two products made from exactly the same things, the nutrition information is about equal.


Though organic Nutella has more calories, less protein and more fat than the non-organic version. Somehow they have taken our culture’s most potent caloric napalm and made it even more powerful. I’m almost impressed.


The one thing you can say about Nutella, at least it’s cheap. In Europe they sell tubs of this stuff the size of human babies for less than it costs to take the train to go get them.


And … nice. Apparently if you want those extra calories, you’re going to have to pay for them.


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9 responses to “Is organic Nutella better for you?

  1. Vincent

    The whole point of organic food is not that it is better for you, health-wise. I believe (though it’s always a bit vague since it applies to so many different products to mean slightly different things) that it means that it’s produced with more care for the environment, i.e. no pesticides, etc.

  2. Noooo!!
    I Go for Everything thats not organic or natural!!!!!
    As long as you do your best and try to have a healthy Life- thats fine!!!

  3. Hilarious XD XD

  4. Fantastic post!

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  6. I make my own nutella:
    1 jar of hazelnut butter (100% hazelnut) (or almond butter);
    1 tbsn coconut oil (organic, of course:) )
    1 teaspoon crushed vanilla bean (organic)
    1 block of dark chocolate 70% (organic)
    Melt chocolate, add to blender or thermomix, add rest of stuff and blend.
    This is so yummy and healthy in moderation. Put this on toast with mashed banana!
    I do believe shop bought nutella is deadly.

  7. Niki

    Always organic! Because it means no GMO and less toxic to produce for environment.

  8. Jose

    I think the main difference here would be that Bionella don’t use Palm oil so that for me would be something to take in to a account when deciding

  9. laureline

    I agree with what you said about the calories and stuff.
    The important difference between these two products is that bionella is made out of organic farming. With that you make a gesture for the environment, for the people who work to make the product and indirectly for you and for everyone! I think this is a good reason to buy it