Why Do Megaprojects Suck So Hard?

I’ve been watching, impotently, as my home city has embarked upon a giant infrastructure project that has no chance of success. Two weeks ago, I decided to stop boring my German friends by complaining about this all the time and start boring the entire internet!

Here’s the video I made about the huge mistake Seattle has made, and why other cities make the same one over and over again.


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2 responses to “Why Do Megaprojects Suck So Hard?

  1. This is INSANE …..there’s kids with no access to water in Africa …and we spend money like THIS!!!??

  2. Brilliant, Mike. A top-notch, accurate assessment. I moved from Seattle ten years ago. It used to be idyllic, a sanctuary, truly one of my favorite cities on our planet. Then…

    Thanks for taking time to create this. And I’m curious, is there evidence (even if it’s your own opinion) of any MegaProjects ever coming to fruition, successfully?