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Anita Hill


Mike tells Sarah about the complicated legacy of Anita Hill and the not-particularly-complicated facts of her case. Digressions include “Tootsie,” Garrison Keillor and the Donner party. For reasons unknown, Mike seems to believe that one flies “down” from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Washington, D.C. 




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Stockholm Syndrome


Some links!

The 1974 New Yorker story on the Stockholm bank robbery:

“The Hearst Nightmare,” also from 1974:,33009,911211-1,00.html

A well-argued academic paper from 1993, “Understanding Women’s Responses to Domestic Violence: A Redefinition of Battered Woman Syndrome”:

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Matthew Shepard



The gross 20/20 “debunking”:

Two debunkings of the debunking:

We can’t find Andrew Sullivan’s posts about Shepard from 2004, but here’s one from 2013:



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Afterschool Specials

My Dad Lives.png

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Crack Babies

crack time

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Going Postal


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The Satanic Panic


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