Tonya Harding Part 1

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Sarah tells Mike the story of a world-class figure skater who worked at a mall potato restaurant. Digressions include “Sleepless in Seattle,” mall walkers, synchronized diving and the difficulty of skating a perfect pentagram. This episode unfortunately contains descriptions of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Tonya deserved better.

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One response to “Tonya Harding Part 1

  1. At last! I’ve very much been waiting for this one for a lonnngggg time – and it does not disappoint. Portland’s biggest Tonyaphile talking on one of her favorite subjects. And the fact there’s a second episode to come is even better!

    By the way, you can find some sample issues of “The Skater”, which was the fanzine put out by the original Tonya fan club that Sarah mentions in the podcast, at the link below: