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This is the view from my hotel room in Kampala

I was in Uganda for work, which means I spent most of the week looking at the country out of windows

Hotel, car, office

Even the sunrises were spectated

What does the chair mean?!

After working all week, we went to Entebbe, on Lake Victoria, for the weekend

And checked out a chimpanzee sanctuary. Where 43 apes growled at us and one threw rocks.

Everything's smaller in Africa, even me.

The coolest thing about Entebbe is the monkeys. They're everywhere!

They're so tame they're practically houseguests

We went to the zoo, which had a bunch more monkeys, only the less tame, more existentially despairing ones

If you want a treatise on the hubris of man, read the Wikipedia entry for Lake Victoria. Say, here's a vast freshwater lake with a wide variety of unique fish life. Let's introduce an invasive predatory species into it!

They're like squirrels, just everywhere as hell.

The lake is significantly less full of fish than it used to be, but that doesn't mean it's empty.

As long as no one trains the monkeys to catch the predator-fish, Uganda should be fine.

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