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Snuff Films


Sarah tells Mike about how snuff films don’t exist but lots of near-snuff films do. Digressions include “Basic Instinct,” gymnastics and YouTube’s righthand bar. Mike is palpably grossed out for the duration. 



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The Jonestown Massacre


Special guest Rachel Monroe tells Mike and Sarah what’s really behind the phrase “drinking the Kool-Aid.” Digressions include David Koresh, East Germany and how flower children were the first millennials. Mike inadvertently reveals his prejudice against extroverts. 

For more of Rachel’s work, check out her website. Recently she’s written about #vanlife, a romance scammer, essential oils and the kidnapping of a Navajo girl. Her book on women, true crime and obsession comes out next year.



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The Clinton Impeachment


Part two of our epic dissection of the Clinton impeachment scandal. This week: The story breaks, the House indicts, the Senate demurs and Mike rants more than usual about the media. Digressions include Mark Fuhrman, “Broadcast News” and gay porn. 


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Monica Lewinsky

Barbara+interviews+Monica+vTz5reGwvdoxSarah and Mike talk about what America forgot — and never learned — about history’s most famous intern. Digressions include generational resentments, 1990s fashion and off-brand colleges. Also, Mike’s microphone breaks about 25 minutes in, so he sounds like he’s recording in a submarine. Sorry!


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Anita Hill


Mike tells Sarah about the complicated legacy of Anita Hill and the not-particularly-complicated facts of her case. Digressions include “Tootsie,” Garrison Keillor and the Donner party. For reasons unknown, Mike seems to believe that one flies “down” from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Washington, D.C. 




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Stockholm Syndrome


Some links!

The 1974 New Yorker story on the Stockholm bank robbery: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/1974/11/25/the-bank-drama

“The Hearst Nightmare,” also from 1974:  http://content.time.com/time/subscriber/article/0,33009,911211-1,00.html

A well-argued academic paper from 1993, “Understanding Women’s Responses to Domestic Violence: A Redefinition of Battered Woman Syndrome”:  https://scholarlycommons.law.hofstra.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1873&context=hlr

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Crack Babies

crack time

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Going Postal


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The Satanic Panic


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