Here’s me explaining why there’s not actually a “free speech crisis.”

Here’s me explaining why “Cancel Culture” is dumb and fake:

Here’s me explaining why “Ebonics” was chill and fine:

Here’s me animating the story of school integration in my hometown:

Here’s me illustrating a snippet of audio I took from a podcast:

Here’s me presenting a problem that genuinely scares the shit out of me:

Here’s me bitching about political and economic developments in my hometown:

Here’s me begging Britain to stay in the EU:

Here’s me setting one of my favorite short stories to stock footage:

Here’s me delivering some pretty images and un-pretty observations about a work-trip to Uganda:

Here’s me adapting one of my New Republic articles into a video:

Here’s me making fun of my favorite continent:

Here’s my YouTube channel!

One response to “Videos

  1. germanvoiceguy

    Hi Mike, great videos! What software are you using? Bernard

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